Locating new markets and, most importantly, new properties that will yield at least a 15% Gross ROI is very hard. It also takes a tremendous amount of time and skill.

Bill and Kenny's Hot Picks

This is why Kenny Bedwell, founder of STR Insights, and Bill Faeth, founder of Build Short Term Rental Wealth, have launched Bill & Kenny’s Hot Picks and will do the work for you.

Fresh Properties

We deliver fresh properties as soon as our team finds and vets properties to our strict standards

Gross ROI

​You will only receive access to properties that produce 15% GrossROI or higher


Access is extremely limited to protect from bidding wars


You can sign up for the National Program or by Region

Month to Month

​All programs are Month to Month with no long-term commitment


​Provide subscribers with potentially significant income-producing active for sale vacation rental properties along with potential gross ROI, ADR, and occupancy rates


Provide an exclusive platform with limited seats to mitigate bidding wars and overcrowding


​Provide for sale vacation rentals tailored to subscribers’ preferences such as region, budget, and destination type


Provide valuable insights and additional advice from seasoned STR experts to maximize ROI


Anyone STR Host/Investor looking for a potentially great income-producing property backed by data and expert insights. If you have struggled to identify new markets that produce high returns, have used Facebook Groups as your go-to for market research and suggestions, or simply just don’t have the time to complete the extensive research required to find that diamond in the rough STR that can yield 30% COC then this is for you.


Monthly access to an exclusive platform that sources potentially high income-producing properties based on region, budget, and destination type backed by actionable data AND valuable insights and advice from seasoned STR investors to help maximize ROI.

Emails will be sent out as properties become available with picks and additional insights.

Never settle for less than 30% Cash on Cash!

-Bill Faeth

@Build STR Wealth

in our works, we take attention to every detail to deliver the best service to our customers

-Ahmed Hamdy

@Crown Team
Our Process


Nothing is more accurate than extracting data from comparable properties nearby to formulate revenue for a given property. STR Insights provides the last 12 months of revenue for each active property in a market from Airbnb or VRBO. We use the data from comparable properties to calculate the revenue of a given property. We then compare features, amenities, and proximity to confirm or adjust the revenue potential of a particular property. Afterward, we calculate the given property’s revenue percentile and compare this percentile to the data from 2019 and 2020. The gross ROI is determined by dividing the estimated revenue by the listing price.
Gross ROI can fluctuate depending on revenue potential and the property’s price.
BK’s Hot Picks gives you gross ROIs from 2019, 2020, and the last 12 months so you can make the most informed investment decision and feel confident that real data from STR Insights back the provided numbers.


Only 25 Members per Region and 75 Members for a National Account will be allowed at one time.
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